Preparation Drill

There are 10 exercises in the Preparation Drill. They are the following:

1. Bend and Reach (4-count, slow pace)
2. Rear Lunge (4-count, slow pace)
3. High Jumper (4-count, MODERATE pace)
4. Rower (4-count, slow pace)
5. Squat Bender (4-count, slow pace)
6. Windmill (4-count, slow pace)
7. Forward Lunge (4-count, slow pace)
8. Prone Row (4-count, slow pace)
9. Bent-Leg Body Twist (4-count, slow pace)
10. Push-Up (4-count, MODERATE pace)

An easy way to remember Preparation Drill is the following:

Be Ready, High Ready, So We Fight Punch By Punch

Original YouTube Link can be found [HERE]

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