About Us & Mission

About Us

Launched in May, 2017, hooa.com Army website is the one-stop platform for everything you need to know about the US Army. HOOAH!

Our Mission

  • To be the one-stop platform for US Army future soldiers, newly enlisted soldiers and enthusiasts.
  • To build a community where US Army soldiers & families can share and help each other.
  • To provide an opportunity for the soldiers to learn from experienced peers.
  • We welcome inputs from the civilians working with our Army.

Why the name “Hooa”?

It is believed by some that “Hooa” is the predecessor of the US Army word “Hooah”. No matter how say it—HOOAH—you are bound to experience the rush of high morale and confidence! HOOA.com is our way of respecting our warriors and bringing them together under one roof!