From Military to Civilian: Making a Smooth Transition

No matter how long you’ve been in the military, making the move back to a civilian lifestyle is not as simple as you would want it to be. While it can seem like quite the daunting task, there are many ways to make this process easier for yourself.


Making the Transition

Your best bet is to view it as a significant career change, and see how to go from there. In order to make the transition as smooth-sailing as possible, you need to seek out civilian jobs that are of interest to you. By capitalizing on the talents and skills you already have and determining how best to use them in your civilian life, you can eventually find the right fit for yourself.

Identify Your Interests and Carry Out Relevant Research

Once you have identified what your skill set is, and whether your interests are in line with the kind of jobs you are eligible for, you can work on researching the kinds of options you have available to you. Finding something that matches up to what you enjoy doing and what you can be good at is essential to a fulfilling life post-military career.

Craft Your Resume

When it comes to your civilian job search, your resume is an important aspect of the process. Highlighting what you have to offer to potential employers is crucial in getting them to consider you as a legitimate candidate.

Look Into Employers that are Military-Friendly

There are many employers out there in the civilian world that may be looking out for the military expertise you have to offer. In your research efforts, keep an eye out for military-friendly employers who will likely end up making the transition all the more easier.

Get the Assistance You Need

Making the shift from your military life to a civilian existence is naturally not going to be easy. For this reason, it’s important to seek the assistance you need. There are many programs that can help you out in this department, so you can turn to us at to find the right one for you!

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