What is Army PHA?

PHA is an abbreviation for physical health assessment. It is a form which needs to be completed before a soldier sees his primary medical treatment facility for his yearly checkup.

Follow these easy steps below to complete a new PHA or view an old one.

Caution: Must use Internet Explorer!

1. Click here to enter the Medical Health Assessment (MHA) site. Sign in using CAC card.

2. After you are successfully logged in, click on the tab PHA, as shown below:

3. Congratulations! You have arrived. You can now create a new form or view your old PHA forms.


While logging in, you will be prompted to Select a certificate in one of the steps, before you can access the contents. Every time it asks you about the certificate, make sure that you choose the certificate the Issuer of which does not contain the word EMAIL, for example, DOD CA-31. Failure to do so will stop you from accessing PHA.