Directly view your ERB by clicking the button below. Have your CAC card and CAC card reader ready for login.

Access US Army ERB

Must-Read For First-Time Users:

1. You will be prompted to Select a certificate in one of the steps, before you can access your ERB. Every time it asks you about the certificate, make sure that you choose the certificate the Issuer of which does not contain the word EMAIL, for example, DOD CA-31. Failure to do so will stop you from accessing your ERB.

2. You will also be required to enter your CAC card PIN in one of the steps before you can access your ERB.

An alternate method to access your Army ERB is to login into and then clicking on “Self Service”. On the page that will open, find and click on “My Enlisted Record Brief (MyERB)” listed under the heading “Records”.

What information does your Army ERB consist of?

Army ERB consists of a lot of important information such as a soldier’s rank, his primary MOS, ASVAB test details, his military service data, citizenship status, marital status, his last APFT details, military education, civilian education, foreign language capabilities, duty assignment information, military awards and decoration, etc.