3 Ways For Veterans To Fortify Their Resume

Exiting the Army, many veterans do not jump straight to preparing for a career, when it’s actually essential that that part be addressed during the transitioning period. No matter what your situation is, there are always a ton of options available for you to beef up your resume.

Here are a few you can access easily:

Dabble In Tech-based Skills With Online Classes

If you have a computer and an internet connection available, as most places today do, it’s essentially your gateway to a plethora of articles, books and classes at your disposal. From an interactive beginner-level class in database management coding to reading up on designing a basic webpage, you have various easy-to-access resources available.

You find also find a healthy balance of free and priced skill-building online courses. Online skill-building does not mean having to start out with an expensive full-set program in an online design and coding school—just dip your toes. Test out multiple free courses or pay a small fee for beginner level options, and decide which path is best suited to your interests.

Volunteer In The Fields Of Your Interest

Volunteering may be a time-consuming activity, but it delivers immense returns in terms of both experience and references. Say you are interested in digital marketing; you can help a digital marketing firm with an event. As long as you are clear about communicating your skills and goal, you should be welcome to participate.

Online skills are great, but you need people skills, connections and on-site experience, and volunteer work in the field you are interested in is a great way to impress an employer. Plus, you may become acquainted with people who can help you land your dream job efficiently.

Find Learning Opportunities With Online Communities

To provide a smooth transition from army life to civilian life, there are a number of online communities formed specifically to help army members, such as HOOA. One of their services is army to civilian transition assistance, which includes direct advice and information for transitioning army members and new veterans looking to find the right army job.

You may not be thinking about or looking for a civilian job at the time of transition, but do not miss out on making the most of every resource available to you. Reach out to the support center staff and let them know what resume-improvement opportunities you’re looking for. Or— if you are not sure—ask for recommendations.